MicroBase is an ecommerce platform ecosystem that allows the development of the ecommerce store backends. The architecture embraces the microservices paradigm, so the services are organized as a separate projects.


Each service is executed in a separate environment and it communicates with the others via http and/or messaging. To know where the other service is, Consul is used as a registry.

To efectively reach the other service the calls are redirected via an NGINX gateway.

Example add to Cart call


Cart Service

  • Single or bulk add to Cart
  • Stock checking available per product
  • Define max number of items
  • Define max number of items per Product in Cart
  • Aggregate same products or add them as a single line each
  • Abandonment handling

Catalog Service

  • Hierarchical Categories
  • Category Classifications
  • Variants
  • Indexing and faceted search
  • Taxes per product
  • Stock status per product

Customer Service

  • Customers and addresses management (create, read, update and delete operations).
  • Check customers credentials.

Oauth Service

  • API tokens
  • User tokens

Payment Service

  • Default implementations for some providers
  • Easy implement your own gateway

Promotion Service

  • Multiple promotions firing per cart
  • Per Product, Product Category, Order or User data firing
  • DSL to allow complex conditions, with "ALL" and/or "ANY" nested conditions
  • Almost fullfilled promotion detection with optional thresholds
  • Easily creation of custom firing conditions

Recommendation Service

  • Gathers and process 'Also viewd' products

Stock Service

  • Warehose enabled
  • Reservation system available with expiration times

Tax Service

  • Net and gross calculations
  • Easily creation of custom taxes, based on Cart, Products and User data