Stock Service

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Ecommerce Stock service, part of the microbase ecosystem.


  • Warehose enabled
  • Reservation system available with expiration times



The Stock entity holds the Product inventory.

    "id" : "rkUg-z0D24", 
    "productId" : "HySx-MRw2E", 
    "warehouseId" : "001", 
    "quantityInStock" : 100, 
    "quantityReserved" : 0 


The Reserves stores information about the reserves in the inventory.

    "id" : "SyVHb8PV", 
    "stockId" : "Syybb0DrDE", 
    "warehouseId" : "001", 
    "quantity" : 1, 
    "status" : "EXPIRED", 
    "expirationTime" : ISODate("2016-06-09T20:29:39.701+0000") 
Field Description Type Required Default
id Internal unique Stock identifier String yes System generated
stockId The Stock identifier String yes -
warehouseId The warehouse identifier String yes -
quantity The quantity reserved yes Number -
expirationTime The Reserve expiration time Date yes -
status The Reserve status [ISSUED/USED/UNRESERVED/EXPIRED] String yes -


The full API documentation can be accessed in the microbase web